Spectrum Works Consulting Group is a team of professionals brought together by Dr. David Worling with the aim of supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum with employment and post-secondary training concerns, their employers and clinicians. Our team delivers targeted services and support by experienced professionals in health care, employment, and adult learning.

The focus of Spectrum Works is on:

  1. Employment support for individuals on the spectrum
  2. Training and support for employers
  3. Training and supervision for clinicians interested in working better for and with individuals with ASD.

Spectrum Works brings together a highly trained team of professionals with considerable experience supporting individuals with ASD over the lifespan. Specialists include:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Employment Lawyers
  • Academic and Career strategists
  • Management Consultants

Why do we do what we do?

Current estimates indicate that 1 in 68 people fall somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. Unfortunately, there are a number of potential challenges for individuals with ASD in the workplace and in post secondary. A recent review1 found that up to 54% of young adults with ASD had not found paid work up to 4 years after high school graduation—this is a staggering unemployment number when compared to the typical young adult employment numbers. More importantly, this employment figure is even higher than among young adults with other disabilities (such as learning disabilities, intellectual disability, etc.).

We know that adults with autism spectrum disorders have unique skills to offer and capacity to succeed in higher education. Our mandate is to support mental health, reduce unemployment and increase post-secondary attendance and success among this group of capable and talented individuals.

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